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By using an imaginative and practical combination of approaches, tools and exercises, sustainable long-term change is not just possible - but probable.

After an initial telephone call or meeting, we'll agree a framework for working. This will establish what you want to accomplish and how we will go about it: one to one meetings, group work, phone or Skype.

Whether you want an intensive leadership retreat, a stand-alone career review, one day's mediation or a longer coaching programme, we'll agree on your goals and how success will be measured.

I'll listen carefully to what you say and act as a sounding board. I may use some theory or model to help you understand a situation, or perhaps an article to give you insight. Or a specific exercise to encourage change or something practical like a new behaviour you can use straight away.

However, flexibility is the most important thing. There's no one-size fits all approach. Everyone is different and everyone learns at a different pace. You may have a clear goal in mind that you may want to work towards in a specific way. Or you may prefer a more spontaneous and emergent approach. Either way, a combination of reflecting and experimenting are likely to feature highly in the work we do.

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