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"My coaching experience with Wendy was valuable because it ensured I devoted time to thinking about what I wanted to achieve in my professional and personal lives, and helped me focus on how I was going to go about putting those plans into action. I continue to use the metaphors which we developed together to help me make choices which fit with my overall goals."   BS, senior solicitor at investment bank

"I found the personal coaching from Wendy Rose invaluable in my personal and professional development. I was somewhat reticent at the start about the value and benefits of this type of coaching but as the programme developed, I was challenged to not only evaluate my strengths and weaknesses from my perspective but to consider how others view me in my role as a senior middle manager. The coaching helped me to develop away from being a manager and move towards being a leader and to consider more adult-adult type relationships with my team of colleagues. I am also now able to make decisions with greater self-confidence knowing that they are well-grounded in current theoretical frameworks. A challenging and rewarding experience."   Lucien Taylor, senior tutor, sixth form college.

"Learning to listen to my own self – not in terms of selfish needs, but what would work better for me, and therefore be better for everyone else. 'Leading myself' and learning to 'lead myself' could sound like management speak. But it made absolute sense in terms of University leadership needs."   Prof R, UK university
"I thought that the way you led me to discover things about myself as part of what had happened was often very subtle, and well done. I am pleased to report that I was offered the job this morning and have accepted it. Thank you so much for your support and sensitive coaching during what has been a very trying time for me personally. I really appreciate it. [I liked] ...your very generous offer to have an unpaid telephone briefing prior to my interview. It's not just the briefing in itself, it's the caring attitude that made me feel supported."   Prof P, dean of faculty, UK university

"The coaching sessions with Wendy enabled me to talk through my concerns and options without fear of the opinions or prejudices which can come with speaking to someone I know. Over time, with Wendy's help I was able to gain real clarity, which is something I would not have attempted to achieve on my own. I was able to see more clearly where I need to focus my efforts at work; identify the obstacles I could see ahead of me and work out how to address and overcome them. What was so refreshing about the coaching was that I felt encouraged to come up with solutions myself rather than having them fed to me. Overall it was an enlightening process which I have found extremely valuable in helping to look ahead and think about where and who I want to be over the course of the next few years."   GW, associate director, media relations, UK bank

"Working with Wendy helped me to decide what my core priorities, drivers and strengths were. This has helped me to take my career onward to another level. I know that Wendy's valuable input will continue to positively affect my success for years to come."   Dr B, mathematician