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A young UK director based in Italy for a global manufacturing company was at a critical point in leading his older Italian team. He had failed to take into account differences of culture and communication style, and the necessity of obtaining local buy-in before implementing change.

We worked together on his leadership style, focussing on the way he was communicating and the effect of cultural differences. As a result he realised his style was very different to that of his predecessor's, and the changes he wanted to make needed to be incremental rather than revolutionary in order take the team with him. We identified practical measures he could take to make immediate improvements.

By putting into place the techniques he learnt during our sessions, he successfully established his credentials as a trustworthy leader.

"Very positive and glad to have done this. Very valuable connections between data, my comments and real –life situations, and helped enormously to crystallise these into actions. One year on things are much improved and my style of working is now much more effective at getting results!"