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A science professor, responsible for 400 staff and students at a leading university, wanted to explore his impact as a leader and think about the next step in his career.

During six two-hour sessions we worked in a number of ways including:

• Rokeach's values to clarify which of his values were negotiable
• Sub-personalities to identify different aspects of himself and understand their impact on his effectiveness
• Relevant research eg from the Harvard Business Review to provide intellectual content
• Meta Mirror, a Gestalt exercise, which helped him prepare for a critical conversation
• Music as a metaphor: during a visualisation the client identified a piece with the right balance for him of structure and improvisation, symbolising the leadership style he aspired to

At the end of the sessions he felt he knew himself much better and the consequences of his leadership style. What's more, he had a much clearer idea about the decisions he needed to make to progress his career and felt more confident in his career prospects than he did before.

"I entered into coaching with a high degree of scepticism but it was a revelation; these sessions were terrific. By a combination of gentle but incredibly insightful questions, and allowing me just a little too much time to answer, she guided me to some very important discoveries about myself, about what I wanted from my career, and how I should go about getting it. Her subtle but penetrating approach has worked brilliantly for me."