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A manager working in the headquarters of a major high street food retailer felt stressed at work and uncertain about his long-term future. He was considering a change of career and possibly retraining.

To identify and manage his stress, we devised a three-part programme that included a questionnaire to identify his working style; a two hour one-to-one session using the feedback to design an individualised and practical action plan; followed by an hour and a half review session.

We also used a Myers Briggs Type indicator to give him insight into his preferences for time and performance management, decision-making processes and personal values. This was useful when it came to evaluating his career options. Lastly we looked at decision-making, and during a two hour session helped him identify, explore and map the range of options open to him, along with their long and short terms implications.

"Everything was conducted in a clear and straightforward manner. I found the process very useful and a very good judge of my traits. It was money well spent."