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I work at different levels - from the behavioural to the transpersonal - depending on what it is you want to change and the depth at which you like to work. The mind, body, emotions and spirit all have their own wisdom and each can give us guidance about the situations we face.

I'm qualified to use a number of psychometric tools. In addition I have many techniques and exercises collected from psychology, business and adult learning to help you gain clarity and achieve your goals.

Within each meeting there will be time for reviewing progress, questioning assumptions, thinking and action planning. We might also try out new behaviours, practice and video a difficult conversation, use drawing, photographs, visualisation, relaxation techniques, brainstorming, or discuss a relevant model or article.

My overall approach is to build on your strengths, help you capitalise on what you're already doing well and give you the confidence in yourself to accomplish what you desire.

To find out more, please get in touch.

"The sessions involved an imaginative range of techniques including open discussion, questioning, a series of psychometric tests, role play, visioning and focused tasks both in the sessions and independently. This balance of styles suited my learning style and enabled me to address issues from different angles."

JB, Director, education and communications

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